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Born and raised in sunny eastern Singapore, June graduated with a diploma in Risk and insurance management from Nanyang Polytechnic.

Upon graduation, she started work as a life insurance underwriter in a U.S based Life Assurance Company. Encouraged by her friends who worked in the field, she took the plunge one year later to become an insurance agent. She joined the industry during the challenging Asian Financial Crisis. Amidst bleak economic conditions, undaunted and armed with a ‘can-do spirit’ she went to work daily, talking to at least 20 to 30 people in various locations that had high human traffic. By the end of the first year, she made it to the Top 10% of the industry achieving the ‘Million Dollar Round Table Award’. She realised her passion was in meeting people and helping them plan towards achieving their financial goals.

When her firstborn arrived, she decided to dedicate most of her time to mothering.  After staying home for a year, she yearned to go back to the sales job she loved. However this time, real estate was calling. Her love affair with real estate started when she became a serial visitor, visiting every glossy, shining show flats she could find during the weekends. To say that she loved collecting show flat brochures was an understatement! In 2007 she decided to be a real estate realtor.

June’s persistence, hard work and personable disposition has helped many clients transit successfully from one home to another. She believes that buying and selling a home should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. To make this a reality, she is driven to ensure that she render all assistance within the best of her ability using accurate market knowledge and her extensive sales expertise to put her client at ease with the entire process. To her, the most gratifying aspect of her job is to turn her client’s real estate aspirations into material reality. She is highly committed to her real estate education as she believe in keeping current and updated to the constant changing real estate landscape.  Her mentors are also industry veterans who are the very best in the private residential field.

Whether you are a first time home seeker who is trying to figure out which home offers the best investment value, an upgrader looking to buy a bigger home or an investor looking to increase your property asset holdings, June had walked through all these experiences with her customers.

While she is no (property) fairy god-mother, she aims to make all your real estate dreams come true! (Within possible limits of course!)

Yours Truly,


P/s: Oh, by the way June also enjoys writing and savouring a good cup of latte when life gets too hectic as a real estate agent, mum of four, wife and daughter. You can click here to find out how she copes without a live-in help in a book she wrote on Amazon!

Maidless In Singapore: How a mom of four harnessed the transformative power of trial to thrive….. A True Story.

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